Story about Relacy Healthcare Management

We Provide High Quality Services

Our services have been laid down after a careful introspection of the client needs. The business needs could be increase in the visibility, enhanced profitability or even fund requirements for the organization.

We are a team of healthcare professionals such as Doctors, Hospital Administrators, Quality Managers, Architects, Civil Engineers Bio-medical Engineers, Chartered Accountants, who bring their individual skills set together to provide an efficient healthcare consultancy service. We deliver advisory solutions and execution support for:

Quality Accreditation

National and International Accreditations are considered prestigious acknowledgements of the Healthcare Quality as they substantially improve the safety and quality of care and services.

Hospital Planning & Designing

Healthcare facility design is more than picking the right wall colors or Healthcare facility design is more than picking the right wall colors or materials. If done well, healthcare facility design and planning 

Hospital Business Strategy

We help our partners in developing an appropriate & viable business strategy to ensure growth and development. We assist our partners in improving the Operational & Management processes and flows to 

Strategic Digital Planning

Digital Marketing is the new platform for connecting to future clients. Our Healthcare experienced team strategically customizes the series of actions that help you achieve the desired goals through carefully selected online marketing channels. 

Skill Development & Training

The hospital and Healthcare sector is seen growing every year and it is highly crucial to improve the capabilities of both, by establishing a good system of training and skill up-gradation of the existing professionals working in your organization. 

Staff Recruitment Service

Recruitment is a nuanced process that requires extensive research, thorough procedures, and finesse in order to produce high-quality hires with regularity.  Effective recruitment results in an organization hiring employees who are skilled, experienced, and